Bach: Magnificat

"My soul magnifies the Lord"

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Cantata "Heart and mouth and deed and living" BWV 147
Orchestral Suite No. 4 in D Major BWV 1069
Magnificat (with Christmas interpolations) BWV 243

Saturday, 8. December 2012

08:00 p.m.
Pullach, Bürgerhaus

Andrea L. Brown, soprano I
Lydia Teuscher, soprano II
Olivia Vermeulen, alto
Julian Prégardien, tenor
Nicolay Borchev, bass

Munich Bach Choir
Munich Bach Orchestra

Hansjörg Albrecht

Tickets are available at the cultural office Pullach
(phone: 089 74 47 520, fax: 089 74 47 52 14)
and at the box office.

The concert is sponsored by Irene and Rolf Becker.